Youth Summer Camp on Counter-Trafficking Kicks Off Today

Today the youth summer camp “Act.Learn.Share” on counter-trafficking has kicked off.

18 selected activists will spend 5 intensive and interactive days full of useful seminars and interesting meetings to learn about human trafficking as well as about such issues as gender equality, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, internet security, Sustainable development goals, etc. Moreover they will also lear about different tools to effectively spread their knowledge on the matter and make their own contributions to the implementation of the preventive initiatives in this area.

The purpose of the camp is to train future leaders who will participate in events organized by IOM and its partners in the region, or initiate and organize such events themselves. Guest speakers from UN agencies and NGOs will help the participants to develop leadership and communication skills.

I hope I will use the knowledge and skills I develop [here] to contribute to the development of my organization and educate people who surround me and who I work with on human trafficking and other matters discussed at the camp

Maria Mukhaeva / Chairperson of the youth NGO Youth of Europe for Peace

The youth summer camp is tailored to the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, and is the continuation of IOM X Belarus campaign launched together with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus with the support of USAID. The aim of the campaign is to involve young people to make their own contributions to the counter-trafficking efforts through learning about the subject matter, acting cautiously when going abroad and demonstrating their responsibility, and sharing the relevant information among their friends and acquaintances.

This initiative is organized by IOM jointly with Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs, NGOs, UNDP, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNFPA, DPI with financial support and contribution of USAID and private companies – Logoton, Ligaturaprint, EPAM and Nota Kitchen, reflecting one of the key 4 Ps in the counter-trafficking field – partnership.

the issue of human trafficking is in its nature is complex and therefore it requires inter-disciplinary approaches and tools if we want to combat it effectively. Belarus’ practical experience in tackling this challenge and the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals can work to combat human trafficking from diverse of angles.

Zachary Taylor / Deputy UNDP Representative

After the opening ceremony participants continued with the team building activities. The day finished with captivating talk-show role-playing during which participants discussed safe migration and risks of human trafficking based on the concrete situation. Moreover the host of the talk-show was a real TV host – Eugene Bulka who also supported the initiative.

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