Act.Learn.Share Camp Diary: Day 2

The second day of the camp started with discussions on safe employment abroad with the help of the role-play. The participants were divided into two groups – employees and employers.
The group of employers included the role of traffickers, and employees’ task was to identify them and avoid the trap. To enhance knowledge and put it into practice, the participants played special educational board game, developed by experts in counter-trafficking area.

After discussion the participants met with the specialists from UNHCR and “Human Constanta”, human rights organization. The experts paid participants’ attention to the difference between migrants and refugees: every refugee is a migrant, but not every migrant is a refugee. The participants were offered to put themselves into refugees’ and border guards’ shoes with the help of another role-play, which turned out to be very captivating. After the role-play the activists shared their experience and feelings and switched to the theoretical part about competent agencies that provide relevant assistance to refugees and stateless persons and their activities in the field of forced migration.

The final accord of the day was “top secrets” about Internet security and safety that specialists from EPAM Systems shared with the participants.

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