Act.Learn.Share Camp Diary: Day 3

Today a UNICEF representative and blogger Maxim Dyukarev discussed with the participants one of the most effective communication tools and means of dissemination of information – video blogging.

During the module, the activists learned about the key rules of video blogging, target audience choice, “product” promotion, as well as the possibilities of creating a video blog with the help of a smartphone. The second part of the thematic block was dedicated to the development of the idea for a video blog related to counter-trafficking issues and putting the idea into practice.

During the second part of the 3rd day the participants studied modern slavery in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UNDP representatives described SDGs in details paying attention to how human trafficking issues are reflected in goals and objectives. After the theoretical part, the activists were asked to analyze the real stories of victims of human trafficking and analyze them from the point of view of achieving the SDGs.

The subsequent thematic section was devoted to ethical issues in covering the problem of human trafficking. Maria Malinovskaya, UNDP representative, as well as the director and creator of the documentary film “Elka’s Dream” about victims of human trafficking, shared with the young people her experiences and the dilemmas she faced when creating the film and interacting with the victims.

Participants proved their knowledge about SDGs with the help of a thematic quest in the open air.

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