Day 2 – “Learn.Act.Share Summer” Youth Summer Camp Diary 2018

The second day of Youth summer camp ‘Learn. Act. Share’ started with a brief introduction to the topic of combating human trafficking. The representatives of IOM Belarus, MoI and MFA talked about the information about:
?  activities and efforts aimed at combating modern slavery on the national and international levels;
?  the National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking in human beings, i.e. about the cooperation of involved governmental agencies, public associations and IOM;
?  safety measures on how not to be involved into human trafficking and hot line numbers;
?  statistics on human trafficking victims;
?  types of trafficking in human beings, stigma, facts & myths;
?  idea of establishment the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (WDATIP) on July 30 and many other things.

Find more information here, here, and here.

Today we also met our first guests from UNHCR Belarus office and TV host Evgeniy Bulka.

The UNHCR representatives explained to the participants the linkage between combating human trafficking and agency’s mandate:

  1. The UNHCR is responsible for refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons (IDP), stateless persons and other persons of concern and for preventing them from being involved into human trafficking.
  2. The persons suffered from trafficking in human beings or those who fear the persecution upon return to their country of origin or persons who fear to become a victim of human trafficking must be recognized as refugees under the Convention and they also must be granted international protection by the UNHCR.

It is important to know that persons suffered from trafficking in human beings can make an application to obtain refugee status for this or another reason.

You may also find some more information on the UNHCR activities here.

TV host Evgeniy Bulka supported our initiative and held a thematic role play with the participants. They were given an opportunity to turn into a potential human trafficking victim or his/her relatives, a trafficker, an expert, society and to give a new look at the situation.

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