Day 3 – “Learn.Act.Share” Youth Summer Camp Diary 2018

The problem of human trafficking doesn’t occur in isolation. It has its own reasons and consequences, various factors that make some people more vulnerable increasing their risks of trapping in the modern slavery. That’s why we decided to integrate into the camp’s agenda sessions on such related issues as HIV / AIDS, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), gender equality, domestic violence, Internet security, etc.

The third day began with the discussion on the correlation between HIV / AIDS and human trafficking. Our participants learned from the UNAIDS team the following facts:

🎗The majority of people becoming human trafficking victims then fall into sexual slavery.
🎗People engaged in the sex industry are 10 times more likely to be at risk of HIV due to economic, legal and social factors.
🎗HIV prevention services are often not accessible for them, which makes them the most vulnerable group.
🎗Female sex workers, including those who use drugs, are a key target group of UNAIDS’s activities.

The participants also discussed the problems of stigma and discrimination against victims of human trafficking in the context of HIV, discussed real cases and set of recommendations for the population on combating trafficking in human beings and the tools for its promotion, and also answered important questions about HIV and human trafficking.

You can learn more information on the topic here.

In the second half of the day we continued to discuss the problem of trafficking in human beings with the UNDP expert in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by the UN member states by 2030.The issues related to human trafficking are directly reflected in the SDG’s objectives № 5, 8, 10, 16. However, during their discussions our participants came to the conclusion that every SDG is to certain extent interlinked with solving the problem of modern-day slavery.

The participants also had the opportunity to check their knowledge and complete tasks of the thematic quest.

You can find more information on SDGs here.

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