Day 5 – “Learn.Act.Share” Youth Summer Camp 2018

Day 5 was the most practical one as the first session was with Nota Kitchen Media and their workshop on how to produce short social videos. All the participants were divided into 4 groups choosing the form of exploitation that they want to warn about through their social video. Each group had a professional camera man to help participants implement their ideas and get qualitative videos.

We are happy to share the videos that 4 groups created during the session:

Team 1 – Forced begging

Team 2 – Child exploitation

Team 3 – Labor exploitation

Team 4 – Sexual exploitation

The following session was devoted to SMM and social media in general. Sergei Kuzmenko from Web and Market company helped us to dive deep into the SMM world and understand how promote and bring attention to socially important initiatives and projects and reach more people without loosing the target audience.

After the session we officially closed the learning module of #LearnActShare Youth Summer Camp and conducted the certificate-giving ceremony as well as enjoyed a short trip to the farm.

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