DAY 2: #LearnActShare youth summer camp 2019

The second day began with the wrap up of the knowledge that participants received on the first day. The guys played a specially designed board game “No to modern slavery” with an educational component on human trafficking.

The 3rd summer youth camp LEARN. ACT. SHARE was officially kicked off.

We continued the 2-day with the expert the Ministry of the Interior Vladimir Vladimirovich Emelyanov. He told stories of people who have been trafficked. He also discussed with the participants some issues related to countering trafficking in persons, both at the national and international levels.

We were very interested to hear the stories of real people who were in a situation of human trafficking, as well as to learn about the mechanisms of counteraction to this problem in our country from the guest from the Ministry of the Interior. And we were really pleased by the fact that the fight against human trafficking is so active in our country.

Natallia Kazlova / participant

The second day ended with a meeting with an expert on Internet Security from EPAM, who shared very valuable and useful information, since criminals often use modern technologies for their purposes, increasingly recruiting people on the Internet, especially through social networks. The expert explained the basic rules of behavior on the Internet, and we want to share a few of the most important with you:
• Use complex passwords and two-step authorization;
• Be careful with the personal data to avoid identity theft;
• Everything you publish/post on the Internet remains there forever.

After meeting with an expert who told us about computer security, we all thought how important it is to be careful on the Internet to avoid being caught by the tricks of cybercriminals, and remember that everything that is uploaded on the Internet remains there forever. And this is precisely why you need to know the basic rules of behavior on the Internet in order to protect yourself and others by sharing the information.

Victoria Davtyan / participant

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