DAY 3: #LearnActShare youth summer camp 2019

The third very busy day started with a meeting with experts from UNHCR on forced migration and refugees. Experts told the participants about the activities of UNHCR, as well as explained the difference between migrants and refugees linkage between refugees and human trafficking. Participants also learned that trafficked persons can apply for refugee status.

Children can also become victims of trafficking. Human trafficking deprives children of their fundamental rights: the right to life, education, proper medical care, and other basic human rights and freedoms. These children are deprived of the right to a happy childhood and the opportunity to develop their emotional and physical health.
The participants discussed the issue of countering trafficking in children during the second session with representatives of UNICEF in the form of debates.

At the session with UNICEF, we discussed the problem of trafficking in children in a very interesting format. We became participants of the classic parliamentary debates, the topic of which was precisely devoted to the violation of children’s rights in the context of human trafficking. We managed to look at the problem from different perspectives.

Anton Kochetov / participant

They continued the day with a discussion of gender equality, reproductive health, gender stereotypes, domestic and gender-based violence, and found out how these issues are related to the problem of human trafficking. Experts from UNFPA and Y-PEER plunged young people into the topic.

In my opinion, these are really important issues that we talked about today with experts from UNFPA and Y-PEER. It is a fact that gender stereotypes, domestic violence, are closely interrelated with the problem of trafficking in persons, and more precisely, are risk-factors. Experts from UNFPA and Y-PEER explained us through thematic escape room and other interactive exercises. We also tried ourselves in a forum theater. The topic of tasks in the escape room was bullying at school.

Polina Vysochinskaya / participant

The third day ended with an acquaintance with Segei Kuzmenko, guru SMM, who told the participants how to leverage social media in promotion of social issues.

At the end of the day, we met a cool SMM specialist. We learned how to reach more people, and how not to lose the target audience in the future. The expert told us about the great opportunities of social networks and the promotion of our initiatives and projects. For us it is really important, because by the end of the camp, each of us should create our own idea, initiative, project.

Polina Vysochinskaya / participant

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