DAY5: #LearnActShare – youth summer camp 2019

The 5th day of the summer camp Learn. Act on. Share opened a series of practical sessions.
In the morning NOTAKITCHEN conducted a master class on creating short social videos. The participants were divided into teams and developed ides for future video. Each team was assigned a professional operator who helped the team to implement the idea and get a good result.

Today, we moved to applying our knowledge. The Nota Kitchen Media team helped us today in creating social videos on the problem of trafficking in persons. It was a cool experience. We felt like both actors and directors. We can use our videos in the further implementation of our projects.

Yulia Zhizhenko / particpant

After such an intensive start of the day, representatives of Belarus Red Cross Society visited the participants and share information about the history of the creation of society, key activities, volunteering and Red Cross’s efforts in the counter-trafficking field.[/blockquote]

In the evening, Belarus Red Cross Society visited us and told us about their activities and volunteering opportunities. It was very interesting to hear about the many social projects that they are doing. I liked the fact that the experts gave examples of stories of real people who got into the situation of human trafficking.

Victoria Golovach / particpant

The day ended with useful and practical information from moderator Tatiana Lyubimova, who shared knowledge on tools and mechanisms for developing their own ideas, initiatives or projects.

It was really important and useful for us to hear the information on project development. We will have to create our own projects and initiatives in the future. We learned about what tools and mechanisms we can use in our future activities, and also acquired some practical skills for creating our projects.

Victoria Golovach / particpant

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