DAY 6: #LearnActShare – youth summer camp 2019

The sixth final day of the summer camp Learn. Act. Share was devoted to creating ideas for future initiatives and projects on the topic of combating trafficking in persons and related issues. The participants of the second youth summer camp visited the participants to share their experience in carrying out their initiatives and to inspire.

This morning, the participants of the second youth camp «Learn. Act. Share» came to us and told us about the ideas that they were able to bring to life. It was very interesting to hear not only about the successes, but also about the failures they encountered in the implementation of their own projects. Afterwards, with the help of our guests and experts, we developed our own projects and shared them with each other. It was very interesting to hear the ideas of the guys. Each idea turned out to be unusual and interesting.


The evening continued with a great sports game for everyone. In the evening the closing ceremony took place – very cosy and sad, as it ended an intensive week of training, during which the participants became a real team.

In the evening, after the big sports game, there was a closing ceremony. It is very sad to realize that such bright and intense 6 days are coming to the end. And we will have to say goodbye to people who have already become friends our during the camp. We hope very much that everyone will implement their projects and we will definitely meet and discuss everything that we managed to accomplish or still plan to do.


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